Director Identification Number (DIN)

Director Identification Number

What Is Director Identification Number?

Director Identification Number (DIN) is a mandatory requirement for all existing and new directors (or proposed directors) of a company. A DIN is issued in accordance with the directions provided by the amendment to the Companies Act. It is an 8-digit Unique Identification Number allotted to all directors. It has lifetime validity.

Purpose of a DIN

The Director Identification Number provides a unique identity to the director helps in maintaining information of all directors in a database. In past decades, several Indian cities have had chit fund companies promise its residents incomparable returns, then escape with their money to another city.

To be able to cross-check such persons, and to ensure the director’s identity is valid and all information provided is true, the government introduced the DIN. Accordingly, the DIN directory will contain all information regarding the directors, such as their name, PAN number and also their present address. Any change in the address or other information needs to be updated immediately.

The best part of DIN is that, irrespective of the number of companies a person floats, they can use their DIN obtained for a lifetime. What it means is that the DIN is specific to the individual who has obtained it, and not for the company he/she has obtained it.

For instance, if a director of one company applies for a DIN and he wants to start another company, and act as a director, he can do so, with the same DIN.

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Director Identification Number

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Frequently Asked Questions

Central Government (Office of Regional Director (Northern Region), Ministry of Corporate Affairs) allots the DIN upon processing the form DIR-3 filed by the applicant. Further person who is appointed as a director upon filing form INC-29 will be issued a DIN by the approving authority (Central Registration Centre).

Any person intending to apply for DIN shall have to make an application in eForm DIR-3 and should follow the following procedure:

1. eForm DIR-3 has to follow the common online e-Filing process. For more details regarding the same, visit e-Filing FAQ’s.

2. Attach the photograph and scanned copy of supporting documents i.e. attested proof of identity and attested proof of residence as prescribed under the rules.

3. Physical documents are not required to submitted at the DIN cell.

4. Form DIR-3 is mandatorily to be signed by the Applicant and a Practicing professional or Secretary (who is a member of ICSI) in whole time employment or the Director of the existing company in which the applicant is proposed to be the director.

Further eForm shall be digitally signed and uploaded on the MCA21 portal. Applicant is required to get himself/herself registered on the MCA21 Portal to obtain login id, which is necessary for upload of the forms and payment of the applicable fees. After obtaining the login-id, Login to the MCA21 portal and click on ‘eForm upload’ link available under the ‘eForms’ tab for uploading the eForm DIR-3.

5. Upon upload, make the payment of filing fee of eForm DIR-3. Only electronic payment of the fees shall be allowed (i.e. Net banking / Credit Card/Debit Card/Pay later/ NeFT). eForm DIR-3 will be processed only once the DIN application fee is paid.

6. After successful payment, an approved DIN shall be generated in case the details of the eForm have not been identified as potential duplicate. Provisional DIN shall be generated in case the details of the eform have been found as potential duplicate. A suitable informational message will be given to the user in this regard in the receipt.

7. Verification of eForm: In case, details of eForm DIR-3 are found as potential duplicate, the same gets routed to DIN cell for back office processing. Upon approval of the form, provisional DIN becomes approved DIN and would be available for further use.

The e-Form DIR-6 is required to be digitally signed by the Applicant and further certified by a Chartered Accountant or a Company Secretary or a Cost Accountant in whole- time practice or company secretary (member of ICSI)/Director of existing company in which applicant is proposed to be the director.

• High resolution photograph of the applicant to be affixed within the eForm

• PAN is mandatory in case of Indian national. So attested copy of PAN is mandatory for identity, name, father’s name and date of birth. Proof of father’s name is not required in the case of foreign nationals

• Attested copy of passport is mandatory as an identity proof in the case of foreign nationals.

• Duly attested present Address proof (not older than 2 months)

A provisional DIN is approved only after scrutiny of the documents attached with the application. Some of the common mistakes committed by applicants and on account of which the DIN application gets rejected are as under

Non-submission of supporting documents

•The proof of identity of the applicant is not submitted.

•The proof of father’s name of the applicant is not submitted.

•The proof of date of birth of the applicant is not submitted.

•The proof of residential address of the applicant is not submitted.

•The copy of passport (for foreign nationals) is not submitted

Invalid Application/supporting Documents

•The supporting documents are invalid or expired.

•The proof of identity submitted has not been issued by a Government Agency.

•The application/enclosed evidence has handwritten entries.

•The submitted application is a duplicate DIN application and already one application of that applicant is pending or approved.

•The submitted application does not have photograph affixed.

•The signatures are not appended to the prescribed place.

•The applicant’s name filled in application form does not match with the name in the enclosed evidence.

•The applicant’s father’s name filled in application form does not match with the father’s name in the enclosed evidence.

•The applicant’s date (DD/MM/YY) of birth filled in application form does not match with the date of birth in the enclosed evidence.

•The address details filled in the application do not match with those contained in the enclosed supporting evidence.

•The gender is not entered correctly in Form DIR-3.

•Identification number entered in application does not match with the identity proof enclosed.

•If enclosed documents are not self attested.