QuestionsCategory: GST ReturnWhere to show outward rcm supply (gta) in gstr-1
SURESH YADAV asked 6 years ago

While Filling GSTR 3B, the turnover where 100% RCM is payable by recipient of service (example transportation of Goods by Road having 5%, or manpower services having 18% gst rate) are filled in Table 3.1 (a) Outward taxable supplies (other than zero rated, nil rated and exempted). In corresponding tax liability column, actual tax liability of other taxable supply i.e. Other than RCM is filled. While filling GSTR 1, In table 4A, All taxable turnover with tax liability is reflected in proper tax rate column. In table 4B, i.e. supply attracting tax on RCM, other GSTIN, Invoice no., Invoice date, etc are filled accordingly with selecting the check box of “Supply attract Reverse Charge”. Now the question arises that the Invoice amount should be filled in appropriate tax rate column (5% or 18%) by reverse working or Entire turnover be filled in 0% tax rate column since tax has been paid by the recipient of services. Under this head, if we select 5% or 18% rate, tax liability figure of GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B will mismatch. Thus, Kindly confirm whether filling the amount of RCM turnover in 0% Tax rate column is in order or not? The question arises since said turnover is falling under tax rate of 5 or 18% and not in 0%. Kindly throw the light with practical solution, if answer varies from selection of 0%.