QuestionsCategory: GSTWhat are the main issues for GST registration rejections?
Jhanuravi asked 5 years ago

What are the reasons are possible to registration getting rejected. I am also registering with my business details. I am getting some of errors in that page. Again i have tried to that. It is successfully submitted. But my mobile number is getting the message as your application is rejected. How to get the reason about for that rejection? Did you have any option for tracking that? Please tell me i know the reason for for my registration rejected. I have followed the all rules and condition about GST registration.
And also given me the details of GST return filing in easy way. My uncle getting some of doubts for filing their returns in their tax portal address. Why the GST rates are implemented in products? What is the main reason for paying the tax amount in different types of ways? I am needed trusted information and good readable points from you. My friend’s also used the same website for filing their return. Her application is successfully submitted and received their GST registration certificate. I am getting sad and feel about that. My father is given some advices and reasons for registration rejected. I have not attached the business pan card details.
 I have again tried to enter pan card number and submitted. Again my details getting rejected. Why? I have sent my complaint to official officer. My friend is getting some issues for their invoice bill. Business name is entered wrongly. So she needs to change it. What are the ways for making changes in their invoice and also the registration form? She is also approach the experts for aksing that issues. But she is not understand. If you don’t main did you give some ideas for that? Please tell me the possible answer to me and my friends also.