QuestionsCategory: GST RegistrationWhat are the GST requirements for E-Commerce Sole traders?
Darsh Shah asked 6 years ago

I am a sole trader who wants to start selling goods online on e-commerce websites.
While I do not have a business registration, I would like to get GST for my e-commere sales.

I would like to know the requirements especially about the “Jurisdiction DOcument” and “Address proof of Place of Business”. I would like to conduct the business from my home address, and for this would my bank statement and aadhar card details be sufficient?
Also what is the Jurisdiction document required?

1 Answers
Team FileMyGSTR Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Darsh,
You can conduct business from your home and give ownership proof, no-objection certificate or rent agreement along with NOC in place of business. There are two jurisdictions that are applied, one in under central government and the other one is under state government. There is no documentation available which covers complete jurisdictional details, one way of finding it out is by Google, alternatively, you can write to us with details and we’ll help you out in your registration.
Write to me directly at [email protected]