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Kollipara sundaraiah asked 4 years ago

Assess trading  retail  a pharmacy store .turnover below threshold limit( below 40 lacs).not gst registered.
1.if any officer visit assess shop which types accounting data evidence asked.
2.turnover below limit assess accounting books maintained compulsory.

1 Answers
Team FileMyGSTR Staff answered 4 years ago

We will rephrase your questions so that other readers will understand it better. 
Q1. What documents will the assessment officer will review in case there is enquiry from Sales Tax Office?
A. Ideally they will take your purchase/sale vouchers and match it will your bank/cash register. Small mismatches are fine though.
Q2. Whether it is compulsory for assessee to maintain books even when the turnover of business is less than 40 lacs?
A. No, it is not necessary.
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