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Prayag asked 6 years ago

We sell digital prints in digital format to overseas customers only either through a foreign e-commerce site like Etsy or on our hosted website. We list the digital prints on site which customer can directly pay and download. Often we create customized digital prints which we e-mail to customer directly. We do not sell to domestic customers in India and our turn over is way under 20 lakhs.

  1. Are we e-commerce operator or e-commerce seller or freelancer ?
  2. Are we selling products or services or both ?
  3. Do we need to register for GST even though our turn over is less than 20L .
1 Answers
Support Team@FileMyGSTR answered 6 years ago

You will fall under e-commerce seller/freelancer category, you are selling a digital service here.
You don’t need to register for GST unless your turnover exceeds INR 20 lakhs, however, if you chose to register for GST, you must file your GST returns on time.
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