QuestionsCategory: GST RefundI sell services outside india using Facebook Ads. How can i get refund of GST paid on FB ads.
C.A asked 4 years ago

I sell information products to countries outside Indai. By advertisting on Facebook India as I am in India and a resident here.
So FB charges GST to me and I am not registered under GST as my income In India is less than 20 lakhs.
The problem is that 18% GST cuts into my profits. How can i get a refund or not pay GST.
Or if you can suggest a better solution framework?
Thank you

1 Answers
Team FileMyGSTR Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi There,

To be able to claim your GST input, you must be registered under GST. Since you are providing your services to clients outside India, you can apply for a “Letter of Undertaking” after taking the registration. Thus you will not be required to pay any GST on your turnover and claim refund of GST paid on Facebook, Google, ISP, Rent of co-working etc