QuestionsCategory: GST ReturnHowmany GST returns are required to file in case of NIL GST as registered as a voluntary purpose only
Manan asked 6 years ago

Hello team,
I don’t do any business but I have taken GST just for voluntary purpose. So I will find nil return. But please let me know how many GST returns I need to file and which are they?(like GSTR1 etc.)

1 Answers
Team FileMyGSTR Staff answered 6 years ago

If you are registered as a normal taxpayer and have a turnover less then INR 1.5 crore, then you are required to file GSTR-3B each month, and GSTR-1 on a quarterly basis. GSTR-2 and GSTR-3 have been discontinued for the time being so we can ignore it here. And then we have GSTR-9 as annual return. All these sums up to 17 Returns in a Financial Year (12+4+1).
If your turnover is more then INR 1.5 Crore, you shall file monthly GSTR-1. In such case number of returns applicable to your business are 25 Returns (12+12+1).
If you have chosen to opt for composition scheme, you shall file quarterly return, in that case number of Returns applicable on your business are 5 ( Four Quarterly and One Annual Return)
Hope this is helpful.