QuestionsCategory: GST ReturnHow to file a GST return for no transaction
Sonica Srivastava asked 6 years ago

Hi,    I need to file a GST return for zero transactions and I am currently outside of the country and the GST portal does not open outside of India. I am starting my online business next month so I have no transactions for Jan 2018. Although I do have some purchases for  Feb 2018. How do I file the return for Jan 2018.  

1 Answers
Deeksha answered 6 years ago

Once you are able to access GST common portal, you shall first proceed to file GSTR-3B and then GSTR-1. Government is levying a late filing fee of INR 50/day in case of return with transactions and INR 20/day for NIL Returns.
Refer the following video to understand the NIL return filing process: