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Manoj Gupta asked 5 years ago

I am a cleaning service franchise who is newly opened and expected to have turnover less than 40 lacs only.
My franchiser as a company is having revenue higher than 1 cr. In my case, gst output liability is 18% which is making us out priced in the market because normal local dry cleaners do not charge gst. My customer makes both online and offline payment where online goes to franchiser company account directly and offline to me as cash/paytm.

In current scenario all the bills have been issued by franchiser company with 18% gst, can we change the process to ensure no gst liability on customer as my turnover as a franchise will be lower than 40 lacs,  or clubbing us under composite scheme.
So, what are the options to tackle the same : Is billing from my franchise will solve the problem, or any composite gst scheme…

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Team FileMyGSTR Staff answered 5 years ago

Hello Manoj,
Yes, you can make the change, however this will involve some change in your business invoicing and payment collection process.
Our team can assist you in this.
Please write to us with your contact details at [email protected] and we will get back to you. 
Hope this will help!