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Suhail Thakur asked 5 years ago

Hello Sir,
I am Suhail Thakur from Mumbai, I have three queries related to GST registration.
1. I’ll be starting a new career as Freelancer, taking data entry tasks from online US based clients, the annual income will be less than 10Lac/annum, do I need to register for GST?
2. If yes, do I need to file returns 3 times per month?
3. I will be doing this Freelance work for few months till I find a new job, after that I won’t be working as a Freelancer, so do I need to de-register the GST or how would that work?
Is there a contact number where I can call and speak to someone from your team, that would be truly helpful as I am extremely worried and confused about these GST procedures.

Thank you
Suhail Thakur