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akhil asked 6 years ago

Dear Sir/Madam
Assume there is a supplier(in our case he is Mr.A). He raised an invoice against Recipient(Assume he is MR.B) for the month of July-17. However Mr.A registration got cancelled due to some technical fault. So Mr.A applied new registration& received new registration from the month of October. so he raised invoice in the month of Jan-18 for the services provided during July-17 to Sept-17. and filed GSTR-3B for all months and GSTR-1 of December Quarter.
Mr.B however has submitted his return and also claimed ITC on the invoice issued by Mr. A for the month of July-17 in his GSTR-3B on GST number which was cancelled.
Now can you tell me the implications from both the parties?
Thanking you in advance
CA.Akhil RV