QuestionsCategory: GST Registrationdo-i-have-to-get-gst-number-if-i-am-planning-to-sell-through-my-own-e-commerce-website-to-the-clients-are-aborad
Pooja asked 4 years ago
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Team FileMyGSTR Staff answered 4 years ago

Hello Pooja,
If you are providing services or selling goods to client outside India, you will be considered as exporter. All export supplies are considered as interstate transaction and you have a threshold limit of INR 20 lakhs (for services) and INR 40 lakhs (for physical goods). However in case if you are required to register for GST for reason other than turnover threshold (e.g payment via PayPal require GST Number), you shall be required to file monthly returns. 
As a exporter of goods and/or services you are eligible for filing returns without payment of GST. You must also ensure complete documentation of FIRC from your bank.
We provide complete compliance for exporter of services and goods. You can set up a call with our expert by writing me at [email protected]. Hope this was helpful.