QuestionsCategory: GST RegistrationCancellation of GST Registration and subsequent re-registration.
Anirban Kar asked 5 years ago

I have been running a business and have been a registered tax payer since GST was rolled out. I have duly paid my taxes on time and have filled my returns as and when they fell due. The PAN I had given for registration is for my firm, I now wish to change it to my own name. The details in both the PANs are the same, just the former is “Firm” and the latter is “Individual”. Now I wish to cancel my existing registration and re-register my business using my own PAN Card. For
form-16, I will show dis-continuance of business for cancellation. Will it be a problem when I re-register? Will they question me? Will my Income Tax Returns be demanded? Kindly solve my queries.