Error While Offsetting Liability in GSTR-3B: Checksum Validation Failed

Checksum Validation Failed

Error While Filing GST Return

Many taxpayers are getting this error “Checksum Validation Failed” while filing GSTR-3B. Because of this error, taxpayers are not able to offset the tax liability and complete their return filing process. Many fears to pay late filing fees because of missing the timeline for filing GST return.

As of now, there is no clarification received from Goods and Services Tax Network. We tried to reach their twitter handle which usually is active but couldn’t receive any response so far.

It seems to be a technical error and taxpayers have no idea whatsoever to resolve this issue. Some interpretations have concluded that this is due to heavy load on the server and is a common trend on GST portal. This also zero out the claims of GSTN about the robustness of GST Portal.

It has now become a painful activity for taxpayers and tax practitioners who are filing GST returns and receiving such errors and have no idea about the solution whatsoever.

Another such error which many taxpayers are facing from last two days is “Authorized Signatory Details Not Found or User Not Registered“. In fact, the spelling of “registered” is not correct and is coming as “regitered

Authorized Signatory Error

Authorized Signatory Error

Possible Solution to This Error

As of now, there is no concrete solution for this error. GSTN has to come clear and the government should extend the date for return filing.

Also if this error persists, the administration must waive the penalty for late filing as this is something which is not in control of taxpayers.

Our advice to all the taxpayers is to wait for a while and again login and file the return. Hopefully, the server error will get resolved in time to come.

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