Details of Inward Supplies

Every registered taxable person under Goods and Services Tax is required to furnish details of inward supplies in form GSTR-2. In simple words, taxpayer has to file purchase information in return form GSTR-2 on GST portal online.

This information is required to be filed on or before 15th on the subsequent month. While detailed information needs to be furnished, most of the details in form GSTR-2 will auto-populate from counter party GSTR-1.

Below are some of the key information which is required to be furnished in GSTR-2:

  • Inward supplies from registered taxable person. These details will get auto-populated¬† from supplier’s GSTR-1. Taxpayer is required to furnish details only when supplier fails to furnish his return or skip a particular transaction in his return.
  • Any amendment in purchases made in previous tax period needs to be furnished in this form.
  • All kind of capital goods purchased from within or outside India (Import)
  • Any service received from outside India
  • Details of supplies received from unregistered person. This information has to be furnished by the taxpayer himself.
  • Details of credit received from input service distributor, TDS credit received, TCS credit received.
  • Details of Tax Liability under reverse charge.
  • Any type of amendment in purchases of previous tax period and;
  • Details of ITC reversal and amendment thereof.

Download GSTR-2 from here.