Technical Error During GST Return Submission: “Authorized Signatory Details Not Found or User Not Registered”

Authorized Signatory Error

Error While Filing GST Return

Many Taxpayers are getting this error “Authorized Signatory Details Not Found or User Not Registered” during return filing. An interesting fact to note here is that these taxpayers have previously filed their GST Returns with existing credentials. Many are wondering as to how to resolve this error and proceed with return filing. Most of the taxpayers are filing GSTR-3B for the month of December, the last date of which is January 20, 2018. Failure to file this return before the due date will attract a penalty of Rs. 100 per day till such return is filed.

Taxpayers are now questioning the robustness of the GST Portal as claimed by the government. Many taxpayers and tax practitioners are now frustrated due to inability to file GST returns within timeline because of errors which are not in their control. This has also resulted in the loss of time and resources of taxpayers.

Another error which taxpayers are facing right now is ” Checksum Validation Failed ” which is popping up at the time of offsetting tax liability in form GSTR-3B. No solution has been provided for this error as well.

We tried to reach to official twitter handle of GSTN which is usually active, however, so far we have not received any help or solution to our query.

Our advice to taxpayers and tax-practitioners is not to panic as this is something which user (taxpayer) can not help being a technical error. It can only be resolved by Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN), which has provided the complete IT infrastructure for GST return filing.

The only solution to this error is to logout from the system and try again after 2-3 hours. This has worked for many taxpayers. The main reason for this error is excess traffic on GST portal then it is supposed to or built for. If this does not work for you, sit back and wait for the government to announce a waiver of late filing fees for returns due for filing this month.

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Authorized Signatory Error
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