How To Change Mobile Number / Email ID of Authorized Signatory on GST Portal

Taxpayers who wanted to change the previously registered mobile number and email id for the authorized person can now change it.


Step 1: Login with your username and password

Step 2: Navigate to Services > Registration > Amendment of Non-Core Field

Step 3: Click on Authorised Signatory Tab

Step 4: Click onĀ  Edit Button on Add Primary Authorised Signatory

Step 5: Enter the email/ mobile number to be updated

Step 6: An OTP box will be opened (Enter the OTP)

Step 7: Go to verification tab and submit application

How To Change Mobile Number / Email ID of Authorised Signatory on GST Portal
2017-11-17T16:23:32+00:00 October 5th, 2017|GST Registration|
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