Appeal for enrolment / registration under Profession Tax Act

2018-02-23T02:30:12+05:30February 12th, 2018|GST Registration|

Registration For Profession Tax Enrollment Certificate (PT-EC) Taxpayers registered under Goods and Services Tax in Maharastra are now facing a new challenge as they are compulsorily required to register under Professional Tax. Many of the taxpayers have received the following notices. As per the [...]

GST Now Applicable on Paypal Fees in India

2017-10-31T17:31:07+05:30October 31st, 2017|GST Registration|

Update GSTIN Details With PayPal Freelancers and Service Providers receiving payments from clients outside India through PayPal have been asked to submit their GSTIN details. This is not mandatory for all PayPal users. However, if you have a GSTIN number, you [...]

How To Change Mobile Number / Email ID of Authorized Signatory on GST Portal

2018-08-25T00:07:05+05:30October 5th, 2017|GST Registration|

How To Change Mobile Number / Email ID of Authorized Signatory on GST Portal Taxpayers who wanted to change the previously registered mobile number and email id for the authorized person can now change it.   Step 1: Login with your username [...]

Form GST CMP-04: Application for Withdrawal from Composition Levy

2017-10-05T14:59:55+05:30October 4th, 2017|GST Registration|

Form GST CMP-04: Application for Withdrawal from Composition Levy Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) has recently introduced form GST CMP-04 for withdrawal from composition levy on small taxpayers. This is a major relief for small taxpayers who had registered under composition [...]

GST Registration For Facebook Ads In India | GST on Facebook Ads

2017-09-23T14:19:28+05:30September 23rd, 2017|GST Registration|

Applicability of GST on Facebook Ads Under the new GST law, individuals and businesses showing advertisements on Facebook are asked for their GST Number. A large number of these advertisers have a doubt regarding the applicability of GST on Facebook Ads. So here is [...]

How To Determine Your Tax Jurisdiction Under GST

2017-09-15T13:55:42+05:30September 15th, 2017|GST Registration|

CBES has provided a link wherein you can determine the jurisdiction of a taxpayer located anywhere in India. This service is available here: Know Your Jurisdiction Below is the complete flow of sequence to determine jurisdiction: Source: Welcome to CBEC GST Portal!

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