Issues reported in filing Form GSTR 9/9C by the taxpayers: Steps to be taken

2019-06-15T11:11:54+05:30June 15th, 2019|GST Return|

A normal taxpayer is required to file Form GSTR 9/9C  for financial year 2017-18, which is required to be filed by them on GST Portal latest by 30th June 2019.  Taxpayers have reported some issues in filing their Form GSTR 9/9C, which [...]

Error! You are not authorized to access GSTR1 for this return period

2019-01-31T18:42:52+05:30January 31st, 2019|GST Return|

Error! You are not authorized to access GSTR1 for this return period At the time of filing GSTR-1, many taxpayers are facing this error which says "Error! You are not authorized to access GSTR1 for this return period". While it says it is an [...]

This is How Much Government Has Collected in Late Filing Fee on GST Returns

2019-01-02T18:11:01+05:30January 2nd, 2019|Compliance|

We at FileMyGSTR have been publishing stories and news on the newly implemented Goods and Services Tax regime. GST council in one of its recent meeting has contemplated on waiver of late filing penalty for the taxpayers. This has also been conveyed [...]

Guide for Freelancers to Manage Cash Flow under GST Regime

2018-12-22T16:28:10+05:30December 22nd, 2018|Compliance|

The introduction of Goods and Services Tax regime has propelled a new set of taxpayers viz. Online Sellers and Freelancers. While there is a turnover limit of INR 20 lakhs on GST Registration, E-commerce marketplaces have made it mandatory for online sellers [...]

Latest Annual Return GSTR-9 Under GST Notified By Government

2018-09-05T13:30:32+05:30September 5th, 2018|GST Return|

Government Notifies New Annual Return GSTR-9 Form for GST The government has notified a new return form for goods and services tax (GST) that will have to file for the full year. The normal taxpayers will need to file GSTR-9 return form [...]

GST For Dummies – 10 Points Everyone Should Know About GST

2018-09-01T12:39:11+05:30August 30th, 2018|GST Basics|

Do You Know GST Basics         The rollout of GST in July last year was touted as the biggest tax reform that our country had seen post-independence. It had a huge impact on our economic environment. However, even after [...]

What are the Compliance For a Company Receiving Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India

2018-08-25T23:24:49+05:30August 25th, 2018|Compliance|

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Compliance Checklist The Indian Companies receiving Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), while remitting funds one should ensure that – The Remitting Investors should ensure that (for FDI) – Funds have to flow only from the investors’ bank accounts. The purpose [...]